Show do Gram

Ontem eu fui ao show do Gram no Na Mata Café. Who still does not know does not know what he's missing (ok, ok, I'm suspect to say it, because I'm a fan of them, beyond them are my friends). They are gaining a lot of space under the alternative scenario with its lyrics that speak of love, with strong melodies and touching (good, if you are not listening on the site, may not be able to understand what I say). Every time I go to show them, I marvel at what I see and hear, maybe (and just maybe) because he wanted to one day be a musician. Listen and draw your own conclusions. If they like, buy the CD.

(Sorry for not having warned about the show, I forgot. But next time, eu aviso!)

3 thoughts on “Show do Gram

  1. the… QEM know u can help me… qero know the name of the album gram… AXO they d .. aqele clip Kittens same… q cat lose their lives because of the kitty and then she betrays him with a duck…. ahhhh the most beautiful I have ever seen clip q… mto mass
    if u can help me… thank you

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