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For those who never heard, Mozilla is a project that began with the opening of the source code of the old Netscape. He is currently one of the most modern, is better (at least for us developers), follows the standards of W3C, and those not invented by Microsoft. I believe that since last year the Mozilla Project has endeavored to create a product that reaches more people, leaving the old and heavy Mozilla back (Who remembers the first versions know what I'm talking), and creating a software with higher quality and better performance. Until the site has undergone changes, and is more visually appealing. Another important change was the separation of the Mozilla Communicator software into smaller and lighter, meeting the needs of each user. Before that was a great software with customer email, browser, html editor and irc software can be downloaded separately. For now only the components browser (Mozilla Firefox, adored by my friend Jonas as you can see here and here) and email (Mozilla Thunderbird, this is what I like, to have an extension of support GnuPG encryption, Windows thing was very difficult and precarious) are available, but apparently, entire suite should become independent.

Why I posted this? Of, good, I forgot. I found an interesting opinion on a website, and would like to share:

MozillaNews – IT-Analysis.com: Will Mozilla Fly?

Body, and if they like, spread to the seven winds. If you do not like, alright. I am not here to convert anyone, just to show the ways! 🙂

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  1. I found it very interesting post.
    but unfortunately disagree for the simple fact that it's against!!
    And I have said!

  2. I have already been converted and recommend Firefox!! It, changing the subject, I am experiencing the faintest Miranda IM, far better than heavy and filled with frills MSN Messenger.

  3. I use Miranda tb in an old micro middle, and I think the best. Linux still use licq, but also use Gaim, and tested the SIM in Windows and Linux. For those who use linux in console mode, recommend centericq!

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