Zé PequenoThank you all for the congratulations given by my birthday, even the late (day was 9 and not day 15!).

I loved the gifts received. My big brother Luke got a pen drive, and now I feel a little closer to being a geek (I already have a mug of Tux, a botton Tux and Debian, e uma caneta Hacked by Linux).

I won the Ju Ze Pequeno (um poodle), and has already been kicked out of home by my sister. 🙁

2 thoughts on “Thanks

  1. What sin, poor little poodle… went to the street…
    Hum… this getting older then, I sent an email to u, I hope it was great the day, one big kiss and congratulations page.

  2. was w / the same street?
    talked about the Ju Ze Sheep back w / here but she still did not answer.
    See if you can hold Joe in the cupboard until we decide


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