New versions of Firefox and Thunderbird

Came out new versions of Mozilla Firefox e do Mozilla Thunderbird, browser and email client, respectively. The change that draws the most attention is an extension manager, making it much easier for the user. Clear, if you are migrating Thunderbird as I did, can happen to any problem (I do not know what happened that gave a stick with enigmail, which is an extension that I no longer live without), but otherwise, everything happens normally. Because of this new feature, all extensions need to be adapted. But do not worry, slowly things are returning to normal!

Another browser that is pretty cool is the Opera 7.51. Now he has a simple client IRC incorporated, and other cool thing (that astonished to accidentally click a link): it reads and organizes feeds RSS 1.0, as I have there side. Ok, ok, it is not up to much when using bloglines, but it is a quick way to view any website you do not want to have between their daily readings.

Of, i repeat. Thunderbird with enigmail has been the best combination to use encrypted email / PGP signed in Windows. By the way, my key is there side, for those who need. 🙂

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