Yesterday I went to a party of Nobility (one of several aliases by which it is known Renato, which may be called A Royal). It was a very fun day. As he set out to do, uma festa familiar, with magic and games. Sim, Now it is magical. We played Image & Action, Detetive e Burro, interspersed with some good spells, and pauses to fill the stomach. I left with aching cheeks from laughing so hard (were nearly eight hours of pure fun). His friends (a Jú, o Poodle, The Mad and The Onion) e a Fernanda (Ms. Nobility) are the funniest people I've ever met.

Definitely, need more doses of this therapy.

Nobility, thank you for inviting me!

3 thoughts on “Party

  1. Grandfather!
    It was my pleasure, Sr. Kenzo!

    Prepare to be asked the next time!!!

    And thanks for this! Being very useful!

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