Saturday Cultural

This Saturday was a very different day. Fui à um festival Japanese drums. It was a sun-splitting, but it was pretty cool. Hit a certain nostalgia of my childhood and adolescence, where did all the period July “Bon Odori”, What is a Buddhist festival with dances performed to entertain the spirits of ancestors, who return once a year to visit their families, e o “Tooro Nagashi”, it is a celebration in honor of the deceased, by boats with candles illuminating the loose side of a river.

After the show we went to see Picasso at Oca (ok, ok. can stop laughing!). Although I do not like Picasso, I found it interesting to take a look at his works, just to understand a little more what a painter takes this kind of art become famous. Best of all, was completely free! A filial element greatly, but got into 20 minutes!

Conclusion: Need to do more cultural programs such as. Besides relaxing your head and distract, increases knowledge in different areas.

When you have something like, Please, me chamem!

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