Old times (old times?)

LocomiaToday was a funny day. My sister and I were remembering the songs we heard when we were children and decided to look (who have not already done so!). Did very funny things from memory (and that not everyone will remember): John Penca and their Miquinhos housebroken, Yahoo (remember this? The singer married the Angel, I was the producer of Xuxa and sister Marlene Matos), Enemies of the King, Placa Luminosa, Domino, Sidney Magal, Thumb…

But I think the honors of the day goes to the group Locomia! I think they did hit here with a song only.

Po, I feel old!

Funny thing was finding it!.

Na foto, the bizarre group of Locomia!

Better than it was the night that I and three friends heard about 4 GB dance music that was part of our adolescence.

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