Automated tasks

For those who for a long time looking for a software that makes automated keys and mouse in Windows, among other things, Here's the trick: AutoHotKey. It's simple (I would say it is crude) compared to similar, but it is very powerful. Have a recorder actions that generates the code to be used with it, and you can attach to any key combinations. But the best is that it has available a series of commands, as, one to place a cash value input, comparisons, loops, and everything you need in a programming language. Sim, not seem to be a tool for ordinary people, but facing programmers. Best of all? It GPL, in other words, software livre.

For those who want to facilitate delete messages from inbox orkut, add these lines to the AutoHotkey script, that pressing the Win P key messages of the current page will be deleted. But attention: was made for Mozilla Firefox, to monitor in 1024×768.

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