Ubuntu 8.10 – Intrepid Ibex

While the other items do not come, I'm going to winding you news! 😛

Just left the update Ubuntu Linux, Version 8.10 Intrepid Ibex. Eu fiz a update through my version 8.04 installed and was very smooth (were about 1600 updated packages – Search for 1.3 GB – argh! – developer machine is f * of! has installed a lot of junk!). Not yet noticed much difference, but any novelty, eu aviso!

Of, if you have nVidia oldest, seems to me there is some problem with the drivers, from what I read there.

Any problem, just say that I help! Know where to find me!

Hmm… so long that I did not install an Debian as desktop… I think I got used to the Ubuntu!

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  1. Kenzo,

    I did the update 8.04 for 8.10 e achei uma “caralhada” of erros: first, with the upgrade did not work alone, but I had to download the “alternate CD” and do the installation for him.

    Afterwards, as the update finished, My GDM had gone to space; now, I am entering my GNU / Linux from the command line (Ok: is more “romantic”!) and various problems with my Gnome. Just to list a few: not hibernate or suspend, not turn off the computer, time or another says that the sound applet not found, my machine lost performance in video applications, meu menu “Screen and Graphics” just uninstalled, my shine (do monitor) can not be adjusted applet (only command line) e meu “sudo” does not work for most commands (Id problem).

    Unfortunately I am not to think about it now: after finish my Project Graduation, back to pack my GNU / Linux. But it is the third time that an update goes wrong with me: one with Fedora, two with Ubuntu.

    NEVER Atualuzação!

    • @Elefantinho: Hmm… bizarre! 🙂

      Here functioned normally for several people. A problem that has been because of nVidia video card. The other was because they did not all changes before you migrate to version 8.10. In your case, I think it all zoou. But if you need help to fix just talk (I try to do aptitude upgrade to see if it gets).

  2. By the bad spoke, in communi ubuntu mta people who have complained. For me the update is still very unstable and there is no system restore so easy for the lay user who harms those who do not know much of the subject. I still get “so well” to indicate the linux because of things like. Although he improved greatly in the last decade (mainly installation) he is not very friendly when something's wrong ^^

    The Linux Maíra also screwed her for an update, but if her version was older (date ums 10 months)

  3. Vicente Junior CarliEdson:

    I do not believe that Linux is to lay, or I see the day that it will be. His focus is another, and therefore I usually point out to anyone who is a developer or an aficionado computer. Is easier today? Sim, is actually, and this is good because it helps many people learn an OS. you can give freedom (in many ways and different directions).

    I think anyone who uses Linux is usually because they really like, or really need, or sympathize with the ideal FLOSS (http://pt.wikipedia.org/wiki/FLOSS). É claro, has a lot of different things to learn – even cycling is difficult at first, some? 🙂

    Want facility, Usability, charm e beleza? Use a Mac! (One day I'll have money to buy my!). I know some who use Javeiros (and from what I saw, is quite common among Java programmers!).

    Clear, I would very much like Linux were as friendly as possible and that pleased all the. In the meantime, I help friends fix problems! 😉

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