Problems suspending in Ubuntu

I have a relatively old desktop computer using an Asus motherboard M2NPV-VM and the function to suspend never worked properly in Ubuntu. The symptom of this problem is very simple: to suspend, the computer immediately back to normal, as if something had turned back, taking the suspension.

Researching enough about the subject (which was very difficult, because suspend / hibernate has many different types of problems, or maybe my case is very specific), I understand that the root of the problem was related to something I said in the previous paragraph:

"Immediately back to normal, as if something had turned back "

So the solution was to see how to disable who does the system "waking up" from sleep mode. Even setting in bios, The computer never kept suspended, then the solution was to tell the system. I looked like I was my configuration on Linux:

In my case, devices USB were "waking up" the system. Disabling it that way:


And testing:


There was only put somewhere to automatically rise with the system. I put the two lines in /etc/rc.local that disable USB to wake up the system:

And voilá!

(each case is unique, but so is likely that something works for other systems!)

Ok, three years to solve that little problem is a long time, admit! 😛

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