Problems suspending in Ubuntu

I have a relatively old desktop computer using an Asus motherboard M2NPV-VM and the function to suspend never worked properly in Ubuntu. The symptom of this problem is very simple: to suspend, the computer immediately back to normal, as if something had turned back, taking the suspension.

Researching enough about the subject (which was very difficult, because suspend / hibernate has many different types of problems, or maybe my case is very specific), I understand that the root of the problem was related to something I said in the previous paragraph:

imediatamente volta ao estado normal, as if something had turned back”

Então a solução foi ver como desabilitar quem faz o sistemaacordardo modo de suspensão. Even setting in bios, The computer never kept suspended, then the solution was to tell the system. I looked like I was my configuration on Linux:

In my case, devices USB estavamacordandoo sistema. Disabling it that way:


And testing:


There was only put somewhere to automatically rise with the system. I put the two lines in /etc/rc.local that disable USB to wake up the system:

And voilá!

(each case is unique, but so is likely that something works for other systems!)

Ok, three years to solve that little problem is a long time, admit! 😛

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