The launch!

I am finally launching this blog!

It was long planned, and lack of availability, I could not put it in the air before. As you may notice, version is 0.1 yet. The layout is not ready, some parts are in English, or misaligned. But during this month every new feature will be placed and explained to all.

What is the purpose of this blog, after all? Good, are several. One is to tell a bit of my personal life, since they say that I am somewhat restricted to say the things that happen to me (many complain that!), and anyone who knows me knows that I am anyway. Like this, This blog would be an extension of personal communication (then will not tell me “poxa, I had to read your blog, why not tell me??”!!!). Another is to talk about a bit of technology and development, facing nerds and normal people, with detailed explanation, more or less as is my genius friend Jonas. Foster healthy discussion regarding some social and political issues of technology is another focus (inherited from the times of the student movement in POLE). Fun and entertainment are also vital for the survival of this blog!

Wanted this release to coincide with the first day at my new job, after all, new gig, new life, new blog! Did not work, left with two days late, but're worth!

That's it, my friends. Anything, know how to find me. Doubts, suggestions, links, just mail me. Now you can not say that I'm gone!

3 thoughts on “The launch!

  1. GOD! It is a sign of the end times hehehe!
    Welcome to the blogosphere. But if you start posting pictures of cats and put those studs pixels “100% Coffee”, command via some pounding IP!

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