Languages ​​of War

(Excuse, but still have not gotten used to post with frequency!)

I have seen many posts around, items, message boards and forums discussing “what is the best language”. Funny thing is these few years working with programming always see this issue resurface. Like this, I express a little cool for my opinion on the subject.

Since I started programming (more or less 10 years), been involved in major projects, Small, Court, medium and long term. During this period I had contact with several languages ​​like C / C , Java, VB, Clipper, Perl, Bash, gwbasic, Actionscript, and even programmed to dBase III, Lotus 1-2-3, Excel e Access. If you ask me which is the best of all, I easily answer: depends (sábio Fregni!). Why depends? Depends on several factors. If the software needs to be robust, if the development time is short or long, The solution needs to be portable, and so on. This is a more focused vision for a designer, a project manager. This does not prevent that same guy prefers a faster language to develop their domestic applications. Moreover, That usually happens to me. What I can do in bash not to waste time, i do.

In short, all depends on what you will do. Obviously, this implies not necessarily develop in some language you've mastered, but that the project achieves the goals effectively, and with good performance (when appropriate).

2 thoughts on “Languages ​​of War

  1. It's what I've been talking lately in my blog too, sometimes losing patience with some bags that insist on stoning everything they do not like, the simple fact of not liking the thing, God knows why.
    The fact is that I think using the language of your choice into a problem where it is not the most viable alternative is an idiocy without size. You swim against the tide and only make things harder, make a program “swollen”, and still gain fame “property in the XYZ (read up here the language name). 😉

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