I am learning C #, and as in most languages ​​I know, learning in practice! 🙂

So I'm feeling good about it. It is a mixture of C and Java (to pointers have!). Some things I find really strange (functions as a kind of delegate calls, pointing to other functions, that in the end is quite useful, but it is kind of bizarre). It also has some rather strange directives in the middle of the code as [STAThread]. But I think those things should sound weird for me because I'm learning without having the concept behind the language.

One thing I liked was how to code documentation generated by it. Clean and functional. And it seems, generally XML and XSL (I have not seen this in depth).

A API .NET is also a good advantage, designing forms and mainly in the good old style VB, with a more powerful language.

No. I'm not giving my soul to the devil. I'm still a C / C programmer with Linux Anjuta and STL. But you know, the company is $ M Solution Provider, then it is best to learn to use, né não? 🙂

Pretty soon I can ask questions of C # also, and contribute to the technological development of the country! 😛

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