Notice to mariners!

I interned in the lab developing a customer, isolated from the world (if read without internet). Like this, if you need to contact me, no use to send email messages or on ICQ or MSN. Use an archaic form: connect to my phone.

Pigeons, Owls, smoke signals and drums are also valid, and nearly as effective as my cell phone inside the lab (the signal is unstable).

2 thoughts on “Notice to mariners!

  1. Our cousin was in vc naum Anniversary of Yumi huh?! Hammm… The oq know I've been noticing… I do not remember di vc… huahuahua… eu já vi to? nhe he he… mto friu ta hj… then type leaves very icy finger then naum vo write mto fmz… onde se TAH? I did not understand… lerdooo type but I do not understand naum… oh la Europe… is known the… then tah.. flw..

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