MoonspellOntem fui ao show do Moonspell, adequately followed my Lady mine (after all, who is a fan of theirs it is!). The show really impressed me. I confess I expected a normal metal show, like any other. But the Portuguese band had fine. In addition to a beautiful sound, a good vocal, and a well-played guitar, the lighting was amazing, giving the right mood for each song. Was not very full, even as the Directv Music Hall is small, but it was just right for me, gave it to dance and enjoy the show without major problems. Needless to say here that the missus loved the show and came away thrilled! Moreover, This post today is in honor of her, the mother of my children, and just back to BSB.

Good to have you back. It's hard to be without you!

Galley, let me going, I have to look all the CDs of the band!

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  1. I also went to the show, and almost died so wonderful. Pouca gente, well equalized sound, and an overview of all career. Rulou 🙂

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