Launch GRAM!

Just got back from the show GRAM, today was closed to the press and guests (no, I'm not the press). For me it was the best show I saw all, for various reasons. This show is a milestone in their career, it inaugurates the GRAM by label Deckdisc, the same artists as Pitty, Ira!, Rita Lee and Ultraje a Rigor. I say it was the best, because besides the excellent lighting, of excellent sound equalization, e do excellent their work, all who were watching could sing all the songs, which gave more emotion and strength to the presentation. And as Serginho himself said, The Blen Blen brings good luck for the group, because today they received the news that they were nominated for the VMB, competing with the best band clip revelation.

My friends, I wish much success to you, they really deserve. And that poetry and music long run in your veins, bringing lyrics and melodies that touch our hearts and souls!

Of, and thanks for the invite. You know I'm a fan #1!

(of, I wish I could not cry at all songs, but does not give the same. ok, ok. that sounded kinda weird, but do what, it is the truth?)

Photos by Gustavo Alves and Ricardo Cubed

Update 2:
You have already voted in the clips shown? What are you waiting?

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