Mr. Pipe – The Return

Sim, I'm back! Neither had given me that the last posts I made in the blog had been late in August 2004. Since then many things have happened, and many others changed. Starting with the name and address of the blog, it was before “Mr. Pipe Blog v0.1” and found at (wayback machine). Had this name before for two basic reasons: pipe is the name of the character “|”, widely used in the command Linux (ok, no Windows also), and was also an addiction that I had, of the pipes (pipe pipe is also in English). Also changed the blog system, it was either before Movable Type (and I dug long before he became a much more commercial thing), and is now the WordPress (I remember being researched in 2004, but still did not have anything that I liked MT).

As everything from 2005 is new, I decided to rename the blog. Moreover, 2005 was a landmark change for me. I returned to college to study, I cut my long long hair down to his shoulders that had, I changed so many times in a girlfriend, ultimately, much.

The year 2006 was another milestone. My parents finally returned from Japan after nearly 5 years. Of course, my economic situation, staff, professional and student are not completely stabilized during this period, but everything is moving towards this. 🙂

I think in essence the content of the blog will not change. Continue following the motto “staff, technical, Funny and Interactive, with photos, jokes, information on Linux, Flash, PHP, C/C , Java, Python, programming, and more” before, still serving as a record of some things in my life.

I hope you like it, and if they do not like something, criticize and send suggestions. Of, eventually I'll end up forgetting to post, then fill my inbox asking me to post something.

Welcome back to my blog! If you need me, just scream (the meebo box beside!).

(Not repair the house, I'm still packing! Of, blogroll and I'm putting that survived after these years!)

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