End of GRAM

gram.jpgStrange feeling of being orphaned. Not yet sunk in. Think that the band who wrote songs that marked a part of my life is gone makes me very sad.

There was no official announcement and a message Orkut, this talvez no hair, as one of them told me. Does a mobilization fans can not keep them coming back?

Framework, Pagotto and Falvo will follow. New projects, new destinations. Accompany them, as I follow from design Mosva.

It will be difficult to find the lyrics and melodies that best represent the feelings by which step and I went through. Till that day, follow sad.

Serginho, Fish, Pagotto, Marco e Falvo, success to you my friends! Life goes on.

A big hug from a fan.

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(GRAM on Deckdisk) 05/08/2004 – 09/07/2007

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