Balance 2007

I've never done an annual review here, but it was for the Chinese sage: better late than never! 😉

This year 2007 was really special for me. Mainly because the good things that happened were not expected. It was not an easy year, quite the contrary, But positive thoughts helped a lot to improve all over him (SIM, I believe in energy and thought).

I got married (not the official way), and despite initial hiccups, we are following very well. The most interesting is the feeling of being gradually building a future, and share virtually everything (course until we hit the pointers, we have many fights ahead!).

I changed jobs to a nice place that has a lot of changing to do and many things to teach me. With it the pleasure of working again, and also came to economic stability. I think this was the first year that I was able to give gifts to all the next of kin, which made me very well.

Along with four friends from college won the first prize of the contest “Being Entrepreneur” of POLE Junior with a product that was derived from our project graduation.

Gradually things have moved to a very good place, and I'm liking it. The last few years have been pretty bad and hopefully similar things do not happen again. All indications are that this year 2008 will improve even more (and that is what I hope). Already received a promotion at work, and the minimum I want for this year 2008 is graduating at the end of the year! 🙂

That good winds guide us in these seas!

(This post had its publication delayed due to lack of time for review, but keeps the original posting date, 31/12/2007!)

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