I know, I know… I'm really gone. 🙂

Things are good races lately. The news is that I finally upgraded version of the system I'm using WordPress blog. It was pretty quick to update. The tip is on account of a very useful plugin that does all the dirty work: the WordPress Automatic Upgrade, tip do Edson. What it took was to migrate the gazillion plugins that I have here and they had no maintenance, or no longer exist, they migrated from one version 2.1 for 2.6, which is very time difference!

But do not come talking to stay update system does not! It's not very polite to come here once a year to say that the updated system, nor? 😛

There happened at work evaluations of each professional. One of the things that has been identified is that, at several different levels, some people needed some type of training to develop and obtain various expertise. It was also identified that I should look for ways to pass my knowledge. Like this, joining A B, I'm creating some technical articles related to programming for posting here (as says the Maíra, Greek texts!), and the first will be on “Version Control”. The idea is to explain in an entertaining way and with practical examples, because I noticed that many people use it without the basics and best practices (usually because they were ever forced to use!).

I'm also creating a development group for beginners in Java, and the idea is to create a project using opensource tools available on Internet, showing concepts and current technologies, assisting in the training and education of staff. This is far more complicated, because it is done in the free time of all, and how much free time do not, seen, nor? 😉

Good, I think that's it. I do not remember any other novelty. I'm accepting suggestions for other technical topics for future posts!

E aí, what do you suggest? 🙂

Until the next post (I hope it's soon!)

3 thoughts on “Back!

  1. Eeeeeeeeeeeee post novo! Iupi!
    Good, if you want suggestions, one thing we always like to understand but I had a lot of patience and did not enxer you to understand is how to mount a remote server subversion.

    It seems interesting to have a remote release, but never did due to lack of time to study the issue (Local as already solves life). But if you write about it, I will obviously enjoy reading me ^^

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