Nintendo Wii

Nintendo Wii

Finally got a Wii! And in version kuro (black, in Japanese), as the photo, which from what I read there was released in early August in Japan.

Sim, play this game is a very interesting experience because of the controls and their games usually favor the gameplay and humor. It's pretty funny to leave with arms aching after a session of Wii Sports, playing tennis or baseball, and this is not the kind of thing you'd expect after a gambling. 🙂

Games are a separate section. As the technology is simple console – anything similar to the powerful Xbox and Playstation – is not the focus of the games have a very realistic picture, which is not a negative point, since-it is exchanged by the controls usability, where you not only pushes buttons, but can also rattle, turn, point, among other various movements that are exploited by each title. That makes a big difference in the game, making it much more interactive!

Menu em japonês

Menu in Japanese

Obviously, not all flowers. As my console is in the Japanese version, was very complicated to set all things, especially the Internet via Wi-Fi, because the menu is all in Japanese characters (and I'm a fake japa and I can not read anything). Glad to have the manuais online do Wii on the Nintendo site! There was only looking at one side and clicking on another. 😛

Ok, ok, here's what I'm saying is pretty obvious and everyone knows. I will then tell you about what made me more excited about the console: homebrew. For those unaware (I did not know how), homebrew is what is defined more or less as create / run software “homemade” on an island – which generally allows only run official games. I, as computer guy, quasi-engineer, Rooter and prof. On board, found it very cool to be able to create, modify, distribute things for the Wii. Furthermore, to use software other (usually listed on the site WiiBrew), as games, Emulators and utilities. It even has a port of Quake, to satisfy their curiosity! So what's left me a while I'll see if anything invention to run the game. 😀

Sure to leave everything running was a lot of work reading several different articles, consulting various forums, all to have a background and better understand how they work each things that are necessary to run homebrew and beyond my backup disks. If you can give problem? Sim, there is a good risk something goes wrong and the island “brickar”, which literally means to turn it into a brick, useless (and dear!). One problem I noticed was that some texts are outdated, some did not have all the steps I needed (change language, for example), and others did not explain right what was done in each step, and some were even found via Google. Like this, wait for the next posts will be more detailed, with references to everything I found on the Internet about this compilation!

Jeez, I got carried away writing! Let me go, but is still higher!

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  1. You forgot to mention that as good nerd, you get so excited to install the Wii (and then, play legal games), they forgot to eat and sleep for several days! 😛

    Like a child when it gains a new and cool toy! kkkkkkkkkkk

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