Java and Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic Koala: More tips

Leveraging we're in the mood to post fixes, is here that there is a quickly. A pretty bizarre problem has happened with Java programs in the new Ubuntu: some buttons can not be clicked. I noticed this in Eclipse and jEdit, but I believe that can happen with any Java program, as Azureus, jDownloader, among others (but I have not tested these, ok?).

Hair li, the problem is because there were changes in GTK, Basic library used windows in Gnome, and this should perhaps be fixed in an upcoming version of Java. However, There is a way around this problem, which is setting an environment variable:


This can be placed globally in the system, but on second thought, is best left to use when running something in Java, otherwise, change the overall behavior of the system. Like this, run this command in your terminal before calling the eclipse, for example. Another way is to create a shell script that does it and call your program. It would be cool to have a java wrapper for it… ok, ok… I returned, father ramble. 🙂

Then, if anyone knows a better way to put it in the air transparently only for Java, puts in comments, ok? Thank you!

If I know something, I put here!

P.S.: The source of the solution came hence.

P.S.²: They said they have given the same problem with flash, but I saw not happen, so for me a while to spot fix for Java is enough. If your case is more general, then I advise you to put the variable globally in / etc / environment, ou em /etc/profile.

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  1. Hmm… It's true. Has some problems that happen because of Compiz, that creates the effects of desktop. Must have some configuration to improve it. If you know something, post here. 🙂

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